The Perks of Hibernation

I have finally awoken from my (metaphorical) hibernation. The sun is shining, the squirrels are scampering, and I’m finally feeling well-rested and ready to go catch some salmon (and by “catch” I mean go buy some at Publix). December and January ended up being rather overwhelming for me. My daughter was sick a lot, we visited and hosted family, we celebrated Christmas, there were some exciting and stressful events in my family, I hurt my back, and my family bought a house (!). Stress is not always bad stress. Good stress is real (the technical term is “eustress” #psychologynerd), but the body doesn’t really know how to differentiate good stress from bad stress. My body and mind got very overwhelmed by all the different stressors and general exhaustion that comes with the holidays. Soooo… I grudgingly decided to give myself some grace and shifted into “survival mode.” I cut out all the unnecessary things in my life. I stopped blogging, I took a break from Facebook, I limited my commitments to play dates and such, and I just focused on my family and myself. I’ve been secretly telling myself it was hibernation.

Bears know what they’re doing with the whole hibernation thing. They stock up on food, find a cozy, secluded cave somewhere, and they rest for months while the winter rages outside. When they wake up, the flowers are beginning to bloom, there are plenty of things to eat, and the bears are full of energy. They are restored to their optimal performance.

After taking a break from all the “extras” in my life, I am ready to pick them back up. I feel rested, rejuvenated, and healthy. I rarely give myself enough grace (hence, why I decided to start a blog all about that exact topic), but these past couple of months I actually did give myself some grace, and I’m now seeing the benefits of being kind to myself. You cannot pour from an empty vessel. Take care of you.

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit. -Banksy.

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I'm a Jesus follower, wife, and mom. I have been caught in a Costa Rican riot, once accidentally insulted Gavin DeGraw, and really want to visit Lichtenstein. I love long, romantic walks through the rain forest. I make cakes sometimes. I'm a mess, and I'm learning to embrace that.

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