Three Things to Do at the Beginning of the Month to Help You Feel More Organized


I love beginnings. Anticipation, excitement, the chance for a fresh start. There’s a lot to like about beginnings. I know it’s weird, but I kind of like Mondays. Mondays provide chances to start off on a good foot, to try new things, to give myself some grace from the chaos that was last week and to try again. I do usually require a double triple dose of coffee on Mondays, but I like them, nevertheless.

Like Mondays, I also (generally) enjoy the first day of the month. You know, new beginnings, etc., etc. And the first day, and week, of the month has become a reminder for me to do certain things. My mom brain is a real struggle. Like, sometimes I forget what I’m talking about mid-sentence.  And today, I tried to put the coffee pot in the microwave instead of back on the coffee pot burner-thingy. So, having a routine to do certain things, such as change my contacts, on the first day of the month is helpful. And it helps me from having contacts glued to my cornea or whatever happens when you don’t change your contacts for a year.

Tomorrow is the first day of December. (Yay! A new month! Christmas! Santa! Jesus’ birthday!) The following three things are routines I have found that help me feel a little more organized. I sometimes forget to do them or, to be honest, choose not to do them. Some months, I just want to take a breather and live in sweatpants for the next thirty days. Anyone else? Bueller…Bueller…

  1. Brain dump every single to-do task that comes to your mind. I put my family’s Master To-Do list on this super cute navy chalkboard. You could also use a notebook, a piece of scrap paper, your bullet journal, your forehead, whatever floats your boat. Throughout the week, as you think of additional things you need or want to get done, add them to the list. That way, they don’t take up room in that smart, busy noggin of yours. Then put an asterisk by the first 3 things you want to get done. Yes, three. Not twelve (I’m looking at you, fellow overachievers). Start with those. Breaking big tasks into smaller tasks is an easy way to achieve goals. If you want to eat an entire chocolate cake by yourself, you have to start with one bite, right?
  2. Use the first week of the month as an easy way to remember to do monthly tasks. I use the first week of the month to change my contacts and change the cat’s litter (We use the Tidy Cats Breeze System. It’s amazing!). I also try to pay most of our non-auto-debit bills during the first week, too.
  3. Update and look over your calendar. Check with your spouse/family/roommate to see if you’re missing anything.

Do any of y’all like Mondays? Am I alone in this? What kinds of things do you do at the beginning of the month (or week!) to get a solid start on the month?

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I'm a Jesus follower, wife, and mom. I have been caught in a Costa Rican riot, once accidentally insulted Gavin DeGraw, and really want to visit Lichtenstein. I love long, romantic walks through the rain forest. I make cakes sometimes. I'm a mess, and I'm learning to embrace that.

3 thoughts on “Three Things to Do at the Beginning of the Month to Help You Feel More Organized”

  1. I like your prespective! I feel like this is a “fix” to all the reasons people hate mondays! Or even beginnings in general


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